Your Ultimate Injection Mold Design Tutorial

An easy, step-by-step guide that covers the process from start to finish!

Have you ever spent days on a mold design, and then realized that your cavity block was too detailed? Maybe it should have been designed in more than one section, and now you have to start over from scratch.

Or what about when you’re near the end of a mold build, and you realize that the part you ordered a month ago isn’t the one that you need? You’re itching to complete your project, but now you need to wait for the new part to come in.

Delays like these are more than frustrating. They take what should have been a seamless assembly project and make it feel like a living nightmare.

Believe me, I’ve been there!

I’ve used hundreds of mold designs since I started in the industry in 1978. And it’s never failed to surprise me how much money I’ve been leaving on the table by not starting off with a proper design.

It didn’t always used to be this way!

Back when I started, one lead man would oversee the entire process. This meant that designs were a lot more flexible. So if you made a piece too big or too small, you could usually just adjust the adjoining part.

Nowadays, each part of the process is performed by a specialist, meaning that one mistake could cause the entire project to be scrapped.

So how are you supposed to design a perfect mold when you’re just starting out? It can seem impossible when you don’t know which variables you should be focusing on.

You could sign up for some professional level training, but that could set you back thousands of dollars, which just isn’t feasible at this early stage in your career.

What if instead you could use a guide that helped you to make a perfect design from scratch? Would you be interested in that?


You may have heard of Bob Dealey, a 30-year veteran in the world of plastics. He’s spoken at dozens of international conferences (such as the NPE show in Chicago), and is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts in mold injection design.

Well, over here at the Mold Making Resource, we’ve been fortunate enough to have Bob design a tutorial exclusively for you, the injection mold design tutorial. Bob’s drawn on his three decades of experience to create a guide that leads you through the entire process of how to make a mold design correctly the first time.

Basically, he’s already done the work, so you won’t have to.

Here’s a basic overview of the topics that you’ll go through!

You’ll learn:

blue arrow About parting lines, slides, lifters, cores and cavities

blue arrow How to have the right cooling setup for your molds

blue arrow The same reference tables that all designers use

blue arrow How to determine the correct placement and size for vents (no more guessing!)

blue arrow How to accurately size gates and runners

blue arrow The principles of mold design and function

Each topic is covered in extensive detail through the course of 50 interactives and 100 animated phases in separate modules on all of the variables that go into making a mold design great.

I’ve detailed a partial list of the modules here!

Mold nomenclature Mold base drawings
Mirror imaging Plating options
Mold flow analysis Location of interlocks
Mold design steps Gates and runners
Parting line selection Type of runnerless tip
Shrinkage Gate size
Placement of shut-offs Gate location
Location of the inserts Venting
Action for the undercuts Core and cavity cooling
Draft angles Clamping force
Ejection methods Mold design checklist
Thickness of core Mold assembly
Thickness of cavity Mold trial
Mold base size Final test and certificate
Mold base class selection 37 more step-by-step modules

The designers who have used the tutorial so far have had tremendous success following Bob’s guidelines. See some of the glowing testimonials below, from people just like you:


” I found the tutorial to be an excellent graphical representation of injection molds and tool design. It’s a great teaching tool for newer engineers or part designers who maybe haven’t seen injection molding in action before. I would recommend it to help younger engineers or designers to gain a better understanding of mold construction and design.”

Jon Turner | Bose Corp


I really like this tutorial, there is so much good information inside!This is such a great training tool for the entire company. We allow everyone to use it, designers, mold makers and apprentices.

Dan Mitchell | Tooling Engineer


We use this tutorial all the time. It is especially helpful to know how to place runners and gates, vents and cooling channels. This is a goldmine on a CD!

Chris Benoit | Mold Designer

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, sure, all of this detail on how to design a mold is great. But isn’t this something that I could just learn on my own?


I’m not going to lie to you. Yes, given enough time and resources, you could learn enough to become an expert.

But let’s be realistic. Learning all of this from scratch will take you decades, meaning that you’ll lose countless hours and profits along the way. You’ll have to plough through mistake after mistake for years to reach a level high enough to consistently make a great mold design every time.

So why shouldn’t you take advantage of someone else’s years of effort? You can propel yourself forward in a fraction of the time, using Bob’s hard won expertise in areas such as runners, gates, shrinkage, cooling and more.

The fact is, I’m so confident that you’ll find this tutorial useful, that I’m offering a money back guaranpaypal_logostee for 30 days, no questions asked. If you’re worried that this is just another one of those products that you’re going to order and be disappointed with, you can rest easy knowing that your hard-earned cash isn’t on the line.

(That said, no one has returned one of our tutorials yet!)

I’m also going to give you a free bonus gift, simply because you ordered from this page. After ordering your mold design tutorial, you will receive a free eBook about the 10 top tips for injection mold making. This free gift is yours to keep forever.

The Interactive Injection Mold Design Tutorial costs $170 (including free shipping for our American or Canadian customers). This is a true bargain, considering the vast amount of quality content available. You will save this much many, many times over in reduced errors and mistakes alone.





P.S. This program is a goldmine of experience, now you can have it for you own company to use.

Save time, make more money, and beat the competition.


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